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Food Plant Cleaning

Clean for Food

People can usually recognise when something is physically clean because on the surface there is nothing to be seen or touched. It is of course, one thing to think a surface is physically clean and quite another to confirm it is chemically or microbiology clean and free from allergenic proteins. In order for the surface to be classed as clean, the surface not only needs to look and feel clean but also be free from cleaning chemicals and the microorganisms must be reduced to a level that current scientific knowledge deems acceptable for human health.

The Process of Cleaning

Cleaning is the process of making something clean. Effective cleaning is an essential process in food manufacturing, it is essential to control the physical, chemical and microbiological contamination on the food contact surfaces, equipment and hand-contact surfaces.

In order to clean effectively, regardless of the method employed, one or more sources of energy is required; Movement (Elbow grease or turbulence); Temperature; Chemicals. Often all forms of energy are employed to execute a thorough clean.

The use of detergents combined with physical and thermal energy removes the dirt and may remove some microbes. However, many micro-organisms and in particular their spores can survive this treatment, so a more lethal approach is required – Disinfection.

In order to aid the cleaning processes on food premises, SOS Foodtec offer a complete range of highly formulated cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and bespoke tools.

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