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Ozonated water

For Open Plant Disinfection & Clean In Place

Our ozonated water systems utilise Ozone based advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to deliver the fastest and most effective biocidal kill available on all contact surfaces, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Open Plant Disinfection

Ozonated water can be used to wash down food contact surfaces and equipment and by applying the highly potent biocide instantly kills microorganisms. Ozonated water is highly effective against all common microorganisms found in the food factory environment (Listeria, Pseudomonas, E.coli, Salmonella, Coliforms, Yeast and Moulds). Despite its highly effective killing potential against microorganisms, ozonated water creates no risk to humans. It leaves no taint or chemical residue.

Passing BS EN 1276: 2009 (Bactericidal Test), BS EN 1650: 1997 (Fungicidal Test) and TES-S-004 (Sensory/Taste Test)

CIP – Clean In Place

Where periodic sanitation is required, ozone CIP systems economically generate ozone for disinfecting beverage, dairy, water and soft drinks, plant pipe work, fillers, tanks and related food contact equipment. The superiority of the automated ozone CIP systems is demonstrated in four main areas;

  • Faster disinfection due to high oxidation power of ozone v’s peracetic acid; hydrogen peroxide; hypochlorite
  • Shorter cycle times, no harmful chemicals or need to rinse
  • Reduced operating costs – no final rinse, less water, energy and time
  • Repeatable and reliable non-chemical treatments, no MRLs & improved effluent

Ecologically Ozone is way ahead

Ozonated water breaks down into harmless oxygen and water without assistance, therefore there are no chemical residues to rinse and no risk of product taint. Ozonated Water delivers a direct attack on a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds in such a way that they are unable to build resistance. Ozonated water creates no risk to humans and is not classed by the HSE as a substance hazardous to health.

Systems Delivery

SOS Open Plant Disinfection and CIP systems use ozonated water for permanent or semi-permanent installations with a range of machines to suit various flow requirements from on-demand, too moderate, to high flow and even continuous flow (recirculated) systems. The challenge that SOS systems overcome is to generate sufficient ozonated water to meet the high flow rates demanded by today’s fast moving , high intensity food and beverage processing applications.

  • Superior bacterial kill – no resistance
  • Reduced operating costs/time
  • Safe to use – easy operation
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals – no MRLs or ongoing consumables
  • Removes odours, taste and colourings
  • Effective against bio-films
  • No need for a final rinse – shorter cleaning window/increased production time
  • No storage or handling required
  • Automatic delivery with constant ozone monitoring
  • Easily integrated with process equipment (CIP)(TRAYWASH)
  • Reduced effluent and chemical disposal


SOS offer compact off the shelf and bespoke ozonated water systems. The applications include open plant disinfection systems, CIP systems, ring mains, tray wash disinfection and high to low care tunnel disinfection. Ozonated water can also be used as a replacement for chlorine for produce washing.

(EC Statutory MRLs set under EC Regulation 396/2005EC for chlorate; default set at 0.01mg/kg, in combination with any of the food and feed commodities listed)

For bespoke ozone applications visit our sister site: www.sozones.com

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