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Hand Hygiene

At any one time, there can be millions of germs on your hands, although these are far too small to be seen by the naked eye. Some of these are harmful to health and when spread to food can cause food poisoning. They can, however, be eliminated with an effective hand washing technique.

The objective for any food handler when washing hands is to reduce the number of transient bacteria to a safe level. Effective hand washing relies on friction and dilution to achieve this.

The most important part of any hand washing procedure, after compliance, is the technique employed and the time spent.

Hand hygiene products available at SOS Hygiene Technologies include;

  • SOS – Hand Sanitiser – QAC Free, Alcohol formulation
  • SOS- Antibac Hand Soap- QAC free formulation
  • Hand Drying – Dyson Airblade and Dyson dB
  • Dyson Tap – For automatic touch free wash and dry
For further guidance on hand hygiene, please refer to EU regulation 852/2004 on Hygiene of Foodstuffs and British Retail Consortium Global Standard for food safety version.

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