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Titration and Test Equipment

All industrial processes using chemicals or toxic gases require a calibrated and quantitative measure of their activity. Any of the selected tests meters below supply the end user with a record for audit purposes or the ability to carry out safety checks, as well as perform functional specification checks.

Chemical Titration Kits

Used to measure the concentrations of detergents and disinfectant products.

Conductivity Meters

Conductivity meters measure the number of electrolytes in a solution. It is defined as conductance, in a given volume of sample. Conductance is the ability of solution to conduct electric current. Inline conductivity meters are common when monitoring cleaning in place chemicals such as caustics or detergents. Incoming water supplies are also tested for conductivity pre-ozonation.Temperature can affect conductivity readings.

Redox Meters

Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) or Redox potential measurements are used to monitor chemical reactions, to quantify ion activity, or to determine the oxidizing or reducing properties of a solution.

Test Strips – PH

Used to detect a given parameter/component is present above a defined limit of detection and are ideal for semi-qualitative test applications where rapid results are required.

Ozone/Gaseous Sensors

ATI F12 gas sensor, uniquely designed to detect and monitor potentially hazardous toxic gas leaks, to ensure the safest working environment for plant operators. Data logging optional

UV Precision Ozone Analysers, designed to measure ozone in ait. Data logging functionality allows user to record levels.

Dissolved Ozone sensor

ATI Q46H Dissolved Ozone Monitor provides a continuous economical and reliable measurement system for monitoring and controlling ozone treatment systems.

Compact Ozone Meter provides ozone testing using the DPD4 method in a waterproof portable instrument. Testing is quick and easy.

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