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Biofilters & Biotrickling Filters


Biofiltration is a pollution control technique using a bioreactor containing living material to capture and biologically degrade pollutants. Common uses of a biofilter include processing waste water, capturing harmful chemicals or silt from surface runoff, and microbiotic oxidation of contaminants in air.

Biotrickling Filters

Biotrickling filters are used for applications in which there is no space for a biofilter, where the efficiency of a biofilter is not sufficient, or in the presence of ph-relevant compounds. A biotrickling filter is a combination of a biofilter and a bioscrubber. The process of biotrickling filtration is, as is also the case with biofilters and bioscrubbers, a biological way of air treatment whereas the pollutants are not absorbed in a filter but in a trickling bed.

SOS Envirotec quality systems for pollution control, storage tanks and process vessels meet ISO 9001 requirements. All are manufactured in accordance with appropriate design and construction codes, principally BS 4994, BS EN12573 and BS EN 1380.

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