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Odour Abatement

Our ozone division Specialized Ozone Solutions presents our Odour Abatement systems, which utilise ozone based advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to remove industrial odours without the need for harmful chemicals or expensive charcoal-based filters.

The Odour Abatement systems have been developed as regulations from Environmental Health Agencies on odour control tightens, leaving many manufacturers seeking a cost effective solution. The Odour Abatement systems continually inject ozone into the odourous airstream within the chimney or ducting. Common compounds that have been identified in industrial odours (sulphides, amines and mercaptans) are effectively neutralised. Despite claims, ozone cannot oxidise ammonia, however it will eradicate all ammonia-producing micro-organisms and therefore can signifcantly reduce ammonia production.


Cost Effective

The Odour Abatement systems requires no consumables or chemicals with the only operational requirements being water and electricity, with very low running costs. In comparison to traditional odour abatement methods such as Carbon Filters, Bio-filters and Chemical Scrubbers the Odour Abatement system is extremely cost effective. Unlike charcoal based systems, the system does not work by providing a physical barrier and therefore does not get clogged up or less effective over time.

Automated System

The system is fully automated and can run at maximum efficiency 24/7. With internet connectivity and bespoke alarm systems to alert the end user.

Fast Acting

The SOS-OAS system utilises ozone based technology to instantly neutralise offensive odours.

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