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Industrial Plasma Waste Disposal

A cleaner, safer and more cost-effective alternative to landfill and incineration.

A patented plasma technology providing total destruction of waste chemicals and gases at lower cost: a system of disposal that breaks new ground technologically, environmentally and financially.

Developed in Israel by environmental specialists EST, the plasma waste disposal system completely destroys hazardous waste whilst reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and cutting costs.

Utilising high temperatures (2000°C – 4500°C) to instantaneously destroy a wide range of wastes, leaving only the constituent atoms, which are then transformed into a non-hazardous ionised gas for emission to the atmosphere and in some cases usable by-products. Equally effective in treating wastes in the form of liquids, slurry or contaminated gases including halogen acids and halogenated waste.

The plasma waste disposal installation is capable of integrating into the client’s production line, eliminating the need to transport or storage of waste products, which is expensive, complicated and damaging to the environment. The plasma waste disposal process, which can easily be modified and calibrated to suit most production lines, is safe, user-friendly and simple to operate. Emissions at the end of the process are well within all international standards and regulations.

The process has been developed principally for the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, gas and chemical plant industries. Combining exceptional process efficiency with environmental benefits, lower capital costs, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs, whilst delivering significant advantages over all other treatment systems available.

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