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Nitrogen Generators

In the food industry there is demand for all types of produce to be supplied to every inhabited place on the earth. Convenience and quick preparation of meals is also a high priority for the fast paced 21st century lifestyle. Before food reaches the consumers plate it passes many stages (Farm to Fork; Harvesting; Storage; Processing; Packaging; Transport). During these stages food is exposed to air (20.9% O2) which creates an environment in which bacteria and mould grow best and as a consequence reduce the quality of food.

Utilising nitrogen gas from an Airsep nitrogen Generator, will increase the product shelf life and improve the appearance and quite often the taste of the product.

The application of nitrogen in the food industry is very diverse. Nitrogen is used for blanketing, purging, inerting, filling, dispensing, modified atmosphere packaging and controlled atmosphere storage. Whatever the application, the reason for using nitrogen is always the same; preventing degradation of the food. By replacing oxygen with nitrogen, the oxidation/spoilage process is significantly reduced.

Food and Beverage Applications

  • Coffee roasters use nitrogen to pack whole beans and ground coffee to extend shelf life and reduce costs
  • Produce growers use nitrogen to control the levels of oxygen in their storage containers, to perfect ripening
  • Beverage and ingredients manufacturers use nitrogen to control the unwanted oxygen throughout the production process
For more information on the Airsep nitrogen generators, please visit the link below. Alternatively feel free to send us your details of your application and we will be happy to recommend a solution.

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