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Infuser ACP Range

The Portable ACP Range

The ACP range are transportable, portable ozone generators ideal for deodorization in any closed spaces.

In the portable ozone generators ACP range, the ozone is blown out in the air through a fan. It allows a good distribution of the ozone in the room. It is therefore the ideal product for deodorization in changing rooms, hotel rooms, cars, boats, caravans, houses…etc.

The ACP range works by drawing in ambient air from its surrounding environment. The Oxygen within this incoming air is then passed through a corona discharge that will transform some of the oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3). The output air charged with ozone will then circulate in the room and react with odorant molecules and oxidize them.

Adjustable output, enables the operator to adjust the output in accordance with the room to be treated.

The ACP is available in different sizes, delivering different outputs from 0,1 to 7 grams per hour

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