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Infuser AFC Range

The Fixed Infuser ACF Range

Fixed ozone generator ACF range – small ozone generators with a tube output, ideal for one-point injection applications.

All ozone generators from the ACF range are fixed installations – designed to be wall mounted. The operation is completely automated and energy efficient. It is used in applications where ozone is injected in water or air at specific points (venturi injectors, ventilation, bubblers…etc.).

An air pump sucks ambient air and passes it through a corona discharge. It transforms the oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3). The ozone gas is then delivered to the treatment area via 6mm PTFE tubing, allowing the operator to distribute ozone into smaller areas such as hard to reach ducting or venturi injectors.

Manually adjustable, allowing the operator to choose between 0 to 100% capacity. Safety sensors to provide remote ozone gas monitoring to ensure the ozone levels do not exceed the Occupational Exposure level of 0.2ppm. In the event of higher ozone levels the sensor will automatically send a signal back to the unit to turn off ozone production.

The ACF range is available in different sizes, delivering different outputs from 0,5 to 4 grams per hour.

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