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Infuser Compact

Air Purification Solutions

For effective odour and grease reduction.

Infuser Compact range offer high performance in a compact, easy to install and operate system, with minimal maintenance and consumables required. The COMPACT 10 or 20 range are an ideal economic solution for an everyday commercial kitchen owner.

Already 80+ restaurants in Scandinavia and Germany are benefitting from reduced grease and odours, following the successful installation of the COMPACT range technology.

Infuser Compact 10 and 20 are also proven systems for microbial control, therefore mitigating the risk of foodborne pathogens from entering the kitchen/production area. Please refer to our whole room disinfection and ozonated water application section on our website for more details.

  • Designed for commercial kitchens to reduce cooking odours & eliminate bacteria
  • Continuous grease and odour reduction
  • Reached all areas of the duct, reduced cleaning of duct
  • No need or use for filters or lamps
  • All in One: full ozone generator with high output and high concentration without any need for external cooler, oxygen source or compressed air
  • Plug and Play: Mount the unit on the wall, plug in the sensors and electricity and the system is ready!
  • Safe and Automated: By plugging safety sensors and input signals, the generator can be controlled automatically if required

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