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What is it?

A reliable and efficacious disinfection process to ensure the food manufacturing production facility is as free from pathogens as practically possible. Mitigating the risk of foodborne disease, product recall and reduced shelf-life.

Whole room disinfection is a relatively new concept in biosecurity that goes further than existing hygiene regimes. Using patented ozone based technology, the whole room disinfection application uniquely creates a biocidal vapour which penetrates all orientations in the production facility; including not only the food contact surfaces but also the hard to reach surfaces and the air itself. Effective against Listeria, E.coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and fungus.

Why is it better?

Significant reductions in microbial activity can now be achieved every day with the background microbial loading progressively reduced. The labour free, automated system injects ozone into the production facility via bespoke ceiling nozzles, which leverages the power of ozone to rapidly kill bacteria on all surfaces/orientations and the air itself. Ozone gas is chemical free, MRL and taint free and unlike conventional liquids and manual disinfectants does not require any handling, transport or storage.

Is Whole Room Decontamination right for you?

If you are seeking an efficacious nightly disinfection cycle, then one of our installed systems would be ideal. The systems work on a timer and disinfection occurs overnight whilst the production facility is empty. Not only will this provide superior microbial control but also saves on labour and liquid disinfectant. Start up production with the confidence that all surfaces have been deeply disinfected.

For bespoke ozone applications visit our sister site: www.sozones.com

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