Air Socks For Ventilation Systems

February 16, 2023 2 min read


Food manufacturers are required to produce food within set parameters in order for the food that they produce to be safe. Temperature is one of the key parameters that needs to be controlled with most manufacturers producing food in production areas at 4˚C and 18˚C. The number of operatives and the  amount of ‘heat generating’ equipment in the production area ultimately effect room temperature. The more operatives and equipment in the room, equals more heat generated and therefore requires a greater cooling demand from the ventilation system. When delivering the cooler air into the production area it is important not to create draughts and unpleasant work environments for the operatives.

The installation of Air socks on the ceiling at correct intervals creates a large surface area that allows for a large supply of cold air to be delivered into the production area without creating draughts and unpleasant working conditions. The correct size and lay out of the air socks is important to ensure good air distribution in the room, if the layout is incorrect then areas in the room could reach higher temperatures outside the operating parameters. When designing the correct Air Socks system, air permeability is the most important design factor. If the air pressure is too high, it will increase resistance and lead to poor air flow and high energy running costs. If it is too low, it will cause flapping and uneven air distribution.

Until recently, most factories, wasted treated air from the air handling units through venting or extraction. Now with the environmental charges and taxes levied against energy consumption, cost savings are important. By fitting air socks you can return this air, filtered, back into production.

Air Permeability is the most important design factor for fabric ventilation.

At SOS Hygiene we offer a range of fabric air socks made from polyester or ones using impregnated silver ions technology.

Silver Ions Technology benefits

  • ANTI-MICROBIAL– Uses pure silver technology to eliminate 99% of over 800 microorganisms
  • ANTI-ODOUR Silver yarn inihibits the odour-producing bacteria
  • ANTI-STATIC Pure silver yarn ensures the fabric is static free
  • THERMO-DYNAMICThe impregnated silver technology regulates temperature

SOS Hygiene also manufacture PVC air socks with eyelet design, for environments with higher humidity, where polyester is not suitable.

All of our Air Socks are provided in a range of colours and are hung via either traditional beading or our easy fit design seen in the photos to the side, making laundering and cleaning much easier work.

 SOS also offer annual laundering of fabric air socks.

Air Socks for food factories