Ozonated Water for CIP

September 24, 2020 2 min read

Fast, Safe, Efficacious, Chemical Free Disinfection.

Where periodic sanitation is required, ozone CIP systems economically generate ozone for disinfecting beverage, dairy, water and soft drinks, plant pipe work, fillers, tanks and related food contact equipment.

The superiority of the automated ozone CIP systems is demonstrated in four main areas;

  • Faster disinfection due to high oxidation power of ozone v’s peracetic acid; hydrogen peroxide; hypochlorite
  • Shorter cycle- times – no harmful chemicals to rinse away
  • Reduced operating costs – no final rinse, less water, energy and time
  • Repeatable and reliable non chemical treatments, no MRLs & improved effluent

Ecologically Ozone is way ahead

Ozonated water breaks down into harmless oxygen and water without assistance, therefore there are no chemical residues to rinse and no risk of taint. Ozonated Water delivers a direct attack on a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds in such a way that they are unable to build resistance.

Benefits of Sozones Water Systems                      

    • Eliminates the need for chemicals – no MRLs
    • Reduced Operating costs/time
    • Superior Bacterial Kill – no resistance
    • Removes odours, taste, colourings
    • Effective against bio-films
    • No Need for a final rinse
    • Automatic delivery -constant ozone monitoring
    • Easily integrated with process equipment
    • Reduced effluent and chemical disposal
    • Optional data loggin


SOS Ozone CIP systems are built bespoke to suit your particular requirements and make an ideal disinfection solution for those in the Dairy, Soft Drinks and Brewing industries.

Visit our sister site for more ozone applications in the Food and Drink industry.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will be pleased to suggest the most cost effective and efficient system for you info@soshygiene.com or 0161 221 2231