Sanitising Wipes for Food & Beverage Sectors -- Effective Against Covid-19

April 19, 2021 1 min read


Byotrol Surface Sanitising Wipes have been specifically formulated to offer a superior sanitising solution for the food manufacturing industry. Designed with high level efficacy against foodborne pathogens, these products help to control the spread of Listeria even at low temperatures.

All products provide long lasting protection against bacteria between cleans, having been tested to BSI PAS2424 protocol, which was developed by Byotrol and the BSI in order to demonstrate long lasting efficacy against bacteria on frequently touched surfaces. Compatible with a wide range of surfaces, for use as part of interim cleans and full clean‑down.


  • Free sanitising solution - FOOD SAFE WIPES!
  • Fast acting with protection that lasts for up to 24hrs
  • Protection against cross contamination
  • Effective in cold temperatures
  • No taint, fragrance-free and no rinse required after use
  • Compatible with hard surfaces including stainless steel, plastics, tiles, floors, and sanitary ware
  • Conveniently dispensed from tamper-proof sealed tubs
  • Blue and white substrates available
  • Suitable for both dry and wet processing sites
  • Specialist surface sanitising wipes, ideal for use in the food manufacturing and food service industries

Our Sanitising Wipes for the Food & Beverage Sector