Touch-Free Hand Dispensers for better Hand Hygiene.

August 24, 2023 1 min read

Advantages of Touchless Technology

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Reduces Cross Contamination.

When using touch-free dispensers you are minimising the risk of cross contamination, giving the customer peace of mind that they are not picking up germs from other users. Touchless technology is beneficial because hard surfaces are a significant transfer point for viruses and bacteria. Most of what people put down on a surface can then be picked up by the next person who comes along. With more people sharing spaces and surfaces more than ever, touch free technology has never been more important to stop the spread of germs and harmful pathogens such as Listeria.

Cost Savings

With controlled dosing there is less wastage as each user will have just the right amount of hand soap or  hand sanitiser for their hand hygiene. Rather than manual dispensing which allows users to overdose on the product and waste it.

Easy Maintenance

Touch-free dispensers are easy to install and maintain. Most dispensers will have an LED indicator to show when the batteries need replacing which makes the dispensers really easy to use. Leaving only the regular maintenance checks to be done for liquid levels, ensuring that users always have soap and sanitiser available.    

Showing People That You Care
When people were on high alert during the covid pandemic having touch free hand sanitising dispensers showed people that their health was being taken seriously.
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