An alternative to Chemical Fogging, SOS Hygiene presents ‘Whole Room Disinfection’

February 10, 2022 1 min read

Whole Room Disinfection 

The next step in biosecurity.

To meet customer, retailer and consumer expectations and to address the Food Industry’s ever-increasing demand for high standards of microorganism control during food production, SOS Hygiene Technologies has developed a ‘Whole Room DisinfectionTechnique’ to supplement routine disinfection.

Using ozone-based technology, the ‘Whole Room DisinfectionTechnique’ creates a biocidal vapour to penetrate all orientations in the production facility; including food contact surfaces and those hard-to -reach areas. 

Effective against ListeriaE.coliPseudomonasStaphylococcus, viruses and fungi.

As featured in Food and Drink International.

 Watch our video on Whole Room Disinfection - SOS Hygiene