May 30, 2023 1 min read

For many food manufacturers the drains are often the source of microbial contamination within their production facility. Listeria is commonly found within the drains in many manufacturing sites and can be an ongoing burden. Pathogens such as Listeria and biofilms can accumulate in drains, especially on drain walls above the normal fluid level. It is therefore, extremely important to ensure the drains have a dedicated cleaning procedure and cleaning equipment in place and are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to mitigate the risk of contamination.

DEMA Drain Foaming Equipment

DEMA Foaming Units and Drain Foam Attachments (DFA) are here to help efficiently clean your drains. With a selection of foaming units and drain attachments, drains can be cleaned with ease!

Advantages of using foam in drains:

  • 360-degree coverage, foam cleans drains better than traditional applications.
  • Unlike liquids, foam expands to contact the entire surface of the pipe.
  • Foam can push past the trap and travel long distances down the pipes.
  • Foam dwells on the inner surface of drains and pipes to penetrate soils. 
  • Foam breaks down slowly, giving your chemical longer to work.
  • Foaming equipment uses less water to perform the clean. 
  • No high pressure hoses used so no microbial aerosols generated.
  • Foam in those hard-to-clean Trench drains without having to lift the grates.

How It Works

1. Fill 

Dual product mixing station blends and dilutes 2 parts chemical products

2. Transport

Portable foam unit and drain foam attachment deliver foam to drains

3. Foam

Foam fills drains, pushing past trap and providing 360 Degree contact along pipe walls.