Air Socks

Designed to maintain the correct airflow, creating the optimum climate for your workplace.

Design Benefits

Air permeability is the most important design for fabric ventilation. The correct volume of air is important – if too high, it will increase resistance and lead to poor flow and high energy running costs. If the volume is too low, it will cause flapping of the ducting and uneven air distribution.

Air socks primarily work on a cool or cold air application for creating a draft free working environment. Fabric ducting will distribute cool air in a laminar pattern around a room or directly over a production line. This will displace heat or bacteria, away to floor level to be removed. Warm air can be distributed for ambient temperatures or recirculating air. Heating a room is not efficient as it will heat from roof to floor.

Saving Heated Air Costs/Recirculate

Most factories, until recently, have recently wasted heated air through venting or extraction systems. Now with environmental charges and taxes levied against energy consumption, cost savings are important. By fitting air socks you can return this air, filtered, back into the production area.

Customise your Air Socks

Our air socks can be produced with anti-bacterial fabrics, PVC or flame retardant fabrics to suit specialist applications. Colour coded options available on request.

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