Allied Sanisafe 3 Wipes

Allied Sanisafe 3 Sanitising Wipes

Perfect Sanitising wipe for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Antibacterial and Antiviral

This is a quat free disinfectant formula proven to kill both Gram Positive and Negative bacteria, ideal for all surfaces suitable for use in the food sector.

Available in 500, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 sheets/wipes.

Available with and without alcohol.


EN 1276 (Bactericidal Efficacy)
EN 1650 (Fungicidal Efficacy)
EN 13697 (Bactericidal Medical)
EN 13727 (Bactericidal Efficacy in Medical Environments)
EN 14476 (Virucidal Activity H1N1)
EN 16615 (Bactericidal Medical)

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