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Vikan Broom - 3174 410mm, Soft/Hard

Vikan Broom - 3174 410mm, Soft/Hard

Vikan broom designed for effective cleaning of food industry floors as well as in kitchens and restaurants, features firm front bristles that loosen stubborn dirt and heavier debris, while the softer rear bristles gather the finer particles.

  • Max. cleaning temperature (Dishwasher) 199.4 °F
  • Max usage temperature (food contact) 176 °F
  • Max usage temperature (non food contact) 212 °F
  • Min. usage temperature -4 °F
  • Recommended sterilisation temperature (Autoclave) 249.8 °F
Ideal for the food and beverage industry, providing an impressive colour coded range with hygienic design for easy cleaning.
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