Vikan - 5686 - Hygiene Bucket, 12 Litres

Vikan - 5686 - Hygiene Bucket, 12 Litres, Award Winning!

Vikan bucketideal for transporting cleaning chemicals as well as both hot and cold ingredients. It has a drip-free spout, a hand grip that is raised from the base, and a sturdy stainless steel handle. Pair with Vikan Lid 5687. It is also calibrated for a variety of measuring units. The flat side prevents spillage and the bucket has its own wall bracket, 16200, for storage.

  • Max. cleaning temperature (Dishwasher) 199.4 °F
  • Max. drying temperature 248 °F
  • Max usage temperature (food contact) 212 °F
  • Max usage temperature (non food contact) 212 °F
  • Min. usage temperature -4 °F
  • Recommended sterilisation temperature (Autoclave) 249.8 °F
Ideal for the food and beverage industry, providing an impressive colour coded range with hygienic design for easy cleaning.
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