Vikan - 5689 - Lid for Bucket 6 Litres


Vikan Lid for 6 Litre Bucket

Lid for Vikan Hygiene Bucket 5688. The Vikan lid prevents foreign objects from falling into the bucket when used for storage. The rim in the middle of the lid makes buckets stackable.

  • Max. cleaning temperature (Dishwasher) 199.4 °F
  • Max. drying temperature 248 °F
  • Max usage temperature (food contact) 212 °F
  • Max usage temperature (non food contact) 212 °F
  • Min. usage temperature -4 °F
  • Recommended sterilisation temperature (Autoclave) 249.8 °F
Ideal for the food and beverage industry, providing an impressive colour coded range with hygienic design for easy cleaning.
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