PRIMOZONE GM 1-4 2.0 Ozone Generator


The Primozone GM-2.0 series high-performance ozone generators are based on the redefining ozone technology derived from the patented Primozone anodized aluminium reactor, a technology that enables the world’s most reliable ozone production, with the smallest energy consumption with the lowest life-cycle cost.

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The Primozone ozone generators produce ozone at a higher concentration than other commercially available high capacity ozone generators. The Primozone ozone generators can produce ozone at a concentration of up to 300 g 03/Nm³ O2, equivalent to 20 %wt, with an absolute gas pressure of 4 bar(A) / 58 psi.

The high ozone concentration produced in Primozone’s generators, together with the high gas pressure, result in a greatly improved efficiency when dissolving the ozone gas in water. Tests at the Norwegian Institute of Technology have measured 98% dissolution in less than 3 minutes. This proves that the Primozone generators are very efficient for water treatment, and at the same time very cost effective. The high gas pressure makes it possible to use alternative injection systems and placing the generators further away from a reaction tank.

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