Primozone LOX Booster



Liquid Oxygen Booster (NITROGEN BLENDING)

Ozone generators, in general, are not able to run efficiently on 100% oxygen as it will significantly decrease the efficiency of the ozone generation. An additive of nitrogen in the oxygenis necessary. This is not specific to Primozone ozone generators, but applies to all oxygen fed ozone generators. When using concentrated oxygen from a PSA system as feed gas, there are small amounts of Argon and nitrogen left in feed gas, that work in favour of the ozone generator, unlike liquid oxygen as the feed gas. 

When using liquid oxygen, adding a small amount of dry compressed air will do the work, as this air contains about 80% nitrogen. However, it is important to add the correct amount of nitrogen, as too much nitrogen can potentially damage the ozone generator. 

Primozone has developed the Primozone LOX Booster which will always add the correct, proportional amount of dry compressed air in to the feed gas stream to the Primozone ozone generator. A traditional nitrogen blend station is set to add a fixed amount of nitrogen whereas the Primozone LOX Booster changes the amount of nitrogen with the capacity (ozone output) of the ozone generator, in order to mix the precise amount. A traditional nitrogen blend station will of course work if you have a constant demand and production of ozone, but once the capacity set point (ozone output) changes, up or down, you will end up with either too much or not enough.


Main Features:

  • Boost your ozone production
  • Plug N' Play
  • Modular design
  • Designed to boost Primozone’s GM series
  • The Primozone LOX Booster ensures the right amount of N2


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