PRO3TEC 10 Ozone System

The Pro3tec 10 is a UK Government funded SMART award project to develop a surface and air disinfection system.

Mobile Whole Room Disinfection

Mobile disinfection of communal areas and care home facilities.  The mobile unit is  capable of being moved into different areas to provide multiple rooms disinfection so all the operator has to do is plug and go!

The system is designed to treat small rooms with the typically treatment rooms and laboratory validation based on 30 meters cubed.

The treatment provides a reliable and efficacious disinfection process to ensure the treatment room is as free from pathogens as practically possible. The whole room disinfection application uniquely creates a biocidal vapour which penetrates all orientations in the treatment room and is effective against bacteria, viruses, yeast and moulds.

Additional Benefit

The Pro3tec incorporates an ozone destruct system which uses carbon technology to quickly remove the ozone gas from the treatment room, enabling safe re-entry back into the treated room. The Pro3tec includes a safe to enter notification system which is used to inform the operator that the treatment room is now safe to re-enter. 


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Laboratory Validation

Tested by Campden and Chorleywood, one the of the UK’s leading Microbiology Test centres, to the European Standard EN17272: 2020 Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Methods of airborne room disinfection by automated process. Determination of bactericidal, mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, virucidal, phagocidal activities. The results under test condition proving the Pro3tec 10 achieved: 5 log reduction (99.999%) for bacteria* 4 log reduction (99.99%) for yeasts* 4 log reduction (99.99%) for viruses*.

*Under test conditions: 30m³ room.

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